Roon Arc downsampling to 44.1kHz

I am experiencing an issue that my Roon Arc keeps downsampling all music files to 44.1kHz.
The player that I use is Hiby R8ss connected to wifi (300Mbps) and I have already configured playback setting to “original format”. Is the problem coming from my player or the app?
Bit confused because in most cases when the app is not capable of data passthrough, it will downsample to 48kHz for any Android devices.

Hiby R8ss - I have confirmed that the player is capable of playing all music file format using Neutron Player.

Many thanks in advance!

Look the Signal Path, is the final output stage AAudio? If so, then Roon is seeing the device as an Android device. The bit perfect for Android is for USB attached DACs, not, internal DACs on a device, as far as I’ve seen.


Thank you!
The final output stage is AAudio and now it makes perfect sense. I now need to pick up an external DAC for Roon Arc.

I would just wait until they sort it it’s on the roadmap to sort it.

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