Roon ARC DSD Playback

Set to play original format. Roon Source is converting DSD64 to PCM 352.8 kHz, Not DSD over PCM v.1.0 (DoP). How do i fix this?

Try setting volume leveling to off.

Thanks, that did the trick for DSD 64 and 128… not so for higher versions. Seems like there is a BUG! Plus the DAC supports 256, but Roon implementation of DOP is limited to 128, i think. Look at the 512, it should be downsampling to 128. not 64.

Rates higher than DSD128 would require PCM rates higher than 352.8 kHz, which I believe are not supported by Roon.

Yep, Roon limitation… DSD128 max. But still doesn’t explain the display BUG for 256 and why 256/512 is down sampled to 64, not 128.

Yes, those seem real bugs.