Roon ARC: DSD to PCM conversion rate wrongly reported in signal path


Listening to a DSD file in Roon ARC, I do not see the conversion frequency to PCM, but something that looks like an underlying function:

See the “numberFormat.format(sampleRateHz.toDouble() …”

Setup is:

  • Core on Mac Mini M1
  • Roon ARC on iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • DAC: Cayin RU6 on lightning port

For info, when Roon ARC shows the signal path above, the DAC shows 352.8kHz.

Is this only happening to me or it is a genuine, small bug?

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I see the same thing.
Someone suggested it was caused by using DSP settings on my core (I use the same device that has ARC as my Roon Remote).
I used Roon Remote to turn off DSP.
This didn’t resolve the issue for me but it’s something you could try.

Looks like a genuine bug in the output string formatting.

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No DSP on my core…

Looking at the signal path, the conversion happens on the phone for the purpose of output, not on the core.

I think so, the conversion is done on the phone, but at the end it does not matter, the bug is just in the string formatting.

It looks like it happens with dsd256, but not with dsd64:

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I’m seeing the same problem with sample rate conversion strings, but for FLAC/MQA content: