Roon ARC Feature Request - Offline Library Filtering

If there’s a way to do this I haven’t found it. If using ARC in offline mode it would be better to only see the library listings (Artists, Tracks, etc.) for the downloaded content. You can’t access the other content until you turn off offline anyway and it makes searching, scrolling, and the like more cumbersome.

You can’t for Artists, but for albums and tracks is this what you want?

Or alternatively in Home:

Yes. That’s helpful, thanks. Would still like to have the ability on artists. That’s just usually how my brain works. Out of all the albums and tracks, I want to play one by “Artist X”. That narrows to scope of the albums I can select from and makes it much easier and quicker to find.

Yeah, from a usage point of view the same option makes sense for artists, composers, and compositions.

I guess the code is easier for albums and tracks because they exist as actual entities on disk in offline mode. The others are more “meta” and might well not have the data offline as easily