Roon ARC for macOS?

Any chance for the macOS (not iOS) Roon Remote client to be ARC enabled or have a dedicated ARC client? Would be nice to be able to use my Mac on the road and not be limited to my phone.

That said, ARC seems to work great on my iPhone. Definitely excited.

Edit: Everyone should vote for this feature here

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+1 for this. I’m using Roon ARC at work right now on my iPhone, but would much prefer if I could access Roon through my laptop.

FWIW Apple Silicon macs (i.e. M1/M2 chips etc.) can run Ipad/Iphone apps, I’d settle for an ipad app that runs on my laptop.

Indeed, but it incumbent on the developer to flip the switch. Lets hope Roon do so.

Agreed +1 for that – also can we have a version for iPad that uses the whole screen?

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+1 as well

+1! I would love to be able to access my Roon library at work via ARC on my Macbook. If this feature becomes a reality I can kiss plexamp goodbye!

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Guys, if you want this to be a reality, don’t just +1…Actually vote for it :slight_smile:

Wait, you can vote? Huh. Learn something new every day. Thanks @Nepherte :slight_smile:

Consider moving votes to this desktop version thread for more impact (this has many more votes already): Roon ARC for Desktop / Laptop (Windows, Mac, Linux)


Good call @Axel_Bichler . Updated my original post so hopefully everyone does that.

Would it be possible to allow the iOS app to be installed to Mac OS so I could use ARC via my desktop? Being in the office and having to switch from work and music to calls and meetings means I can’t really use the phone app as I would have to be switching headphones all the time.

@Chris_Barnard, please search open #feedback:feature-suggestions to see if there’s a similar request already. Thanks.