Roon ARC frequently coming up with "Poor Connection" error

Roon Core Machine

Core: iMac i9, 500GB SSD, 48GB RAM, 6TB NAS (Music)
ARC on iPhone 8

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ASUS RT-AC68U Router
Ethernet to Core and all endpoints

Connected Audio Devices

Allo DigiOne SPDIF
SoTM SMS Ultra Neo
3 Airport express
1 Macbook Pro
Roon ARC on Mobile

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Roon ARC frequently comes up with the red “Poor Connection” Warning
When this happens:

  • network is not the issue
  • I can stream the same media from my Plex server on the same machine using Plexamp
  • Happens on fast WiFi from office
  • can happen on a downloaded track (on my phone) - although I’m not sure if it is the same error (see below)?
  • Happens intermittently, usually in the car but not always

Also I have found when playing some downloaded tracks:

  • I get a “clip” sound as if the file is corrupted
  • playback always stops at the same place
  • if I go to another file it might be ok till it happens on another file
  • I have deleted all my downloads.

How do you verify the integrity of the downloaded file?
Do you use a checksum? MD5, etc?

Hi there,

I have a similar issue but with a further detail - poor connection warning appears only if I have been using ARC while connected to the WiFi (in which the core operates) and move to mobile data. This means that if I start using ARC when already on mobile data it works smoothly.

Any idea? Thank you.


Hey @Simon_Block,

Thanks for writing in, and for your patience while we work through each thread :pray:

Following up on this thread, are you still running into connectivity issues on the newest Roon and Arc build? Please make sure you are up to date across devices.

Following this, if you are still running into issues, please take note of the date and time the next time you hit this snag, and share that info here :+1:

Hi Ben,

I switched the playback setting to “automatically pick best quality” and I have not had any issues since. Sorry I should have updated the thread.

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