Roon ARC includes offline music in iCloud backup [Ticket in]

Hi all,

This is only a minor inconvenience but still worth to rise I think:

Today I noticed that my iPhone iCloud backup for Roon ARC includes all the music I have downloaded for offline use. Clearly this is not really an efficient use of iCloud space and downloaded music should never be included in the backup. Other apps such as Qobuz and Spotify also exclude downloaded music from iCloud backups and their respective backup only includes app settings.

Is this a known issue with ARC and will be remedied in a future update? An easy workaround is to simply exclude ARC from the iCloud backup completely.

Hi, @GalaxyGlider, thank you for the post. We will investigate this case internally. I will post an update here when we have any consistent results.



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This is weird as I’ve been wondering why my iCloud was full 2 days ago. I checked the iCloud settings and ARC was included with all the downloaded music.

Personally I think that is intended and it makes sense as the data stored on the phone should be backed up (I own the music files, we don’t on Tidal/Qobuz, hence why we can’t download on arc). I simply unticked all the Roon settings under iCloud and run backup.


I don’t use download but really surprised you’re the first to bring this up.

iOS apps allow for a couple different types of data storage. The sort of easy / default is “app data” and all app data gets backed up with the iCloud backup service.

As a workaround you can go into your iCloud Backup settings and uncheck ARC as an app to backup. Worst case you lose your settings if you have to restore.


Thans Ivan.

I do not think it is intended and why should it? The music you download to ARC is anyways yours and stored and backed up somewhere else. But yes, unticking ARC in the iCloud settings is a quick and easy workaround. As @ipeverywhere said above, the worst that could happen during a restore is you also lose all your ARC settings without the backup.

It should backup just the settings, not the music files.

As a matter of interest: I have 200MB of downloads in Plexamp and iCloud Backup details for Plexamp is showing 1.1 MB of storage being used.
So it appears Plexamp iCloud backups are just my settings rather than the Plexamp downloads.

I’ve noticed Roon Remote does the same thing as ARC: Downloads are being backed up to iCloud.

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Thanks for the tip. I did that just now after seeing this thread. :+1:

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It should but that is exactly the point: Currently the ARC backup includes not just the app settings but also the entire downloaded music catalogue.

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That’s the normal behaviour. All my music, podcast and video apps work that way. Netflix would fill iCloud very quickly if it also included videos saved offline. :wink:

My point was that Plexamp doesn’t backup your downloads whereas ARC does.
Thus it doesn’t appear to be an Apple issue.

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Yes. Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @ivan, any updates on this? I see that this is still an issue today. My Roon ARC takes up over 20GB of iCloud data if included in the backup.

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Hi @ivan. Is this still under investigation? Now with MUSE in Roon ARC there is a lot more setting up in ARC and I’d like to backup these settings in my iCloud backups but clearly do not want to have my downloaded music fill up iCloud space as well.

Is anyone from Roon support still active in these forums…?

The presets are stored in the cloud with your account they are not just local to phone. You can use them on any device running ARC so no need for a backup via iCloud.

Oh I did not know that. I only use ARC on one device and ARC and Roon do not yet sync MUSE presets. But that´s interesting. Thanks for the info.

It’s not been referenced much so not surprise much but it was mentioned by Roon staff on the thread about Muse that Jamie started.

I’d also like for this to be solved. I download some of my library to ARC before I travel and have no internet access on planes and in remote areas. This prevents my iPhone from backing up each night at the hotel.

Hi @Mitchell_Harris, It’s been a year. I don’t think this will get fixed anytime soon… Roon does not care.