Roon ARC Initial Sync Fails on Apple iPhone XR IOS 17.1.2 (ARC latest build)

Roon Server Machine

Intel NUC i7 NUC8i7BEH
ROCK Rock (Latest Version 2.0 Build 1354)

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP-Link ER7206, TP-Link Omada TL-SG2016P, TP-Link TP-SG2008, Asus ZENWiFi XT8 (5x)

Connected Audio Devices

Cambridge 851N, Google Chromecast Devices, Squeezebox Touch,

Number of Tracks in Library

415000 tracks

Description of Issue

Roon ARC Initial Sync Fails on Apple iPhone XR IOS 17.1.2 (ARC latest build) but nevertheless goes allright on a Oneplus 9 Pro, Android 13 (Also Latest Build).

I have no other Apple iPhones to test with. Maybe it’s this particular phone that’s having a problem. Apple iPhone has been reset to factory defaults… Today also on on iPhone 13 iOS 17 the same issue. Sync stops with same message.

For some reason today after the update of the Roon Core to build 1355 the Roon ARC initial sync does succeed. Strange but nevertheless very happy.

Hi @Bennard_van_Diermen,

Thank you for your post. I believe the explanation for this behavior can be found in this post: ARC - Time for an update - Update Roon Server to reconnect - #21

If your ARC install was on the main stable branch, but your RoonServer machine was on the early access branch, recent work split compatibility across branches with ARC.

There has been an additional early access release since this information was current (1355), so it makes sense you’re restored now. Please let us know if you encounter any issues moving forward - you’ll receive the fastest response in Early Access since you’re on the beta track. Thank you!

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