Roon ARC - Interactions with music services playlists

Hi !
I’m happy to discover the new ARC app ! It resolves many bad ergonomy aspects from the traditionnal Tidal and Qobuz apps, and it’s fine !

But I am wondering : why is it not (or partially) possible to interact with music services’ playlists? As example : a track I love and want to add to a Tidal playlist. When I add it to favorites, it then appears in Tidal favorites. But when I want to add it to a playlist, none of my Tidal playlists appears. If I add a new playlist, it adds a new playlist to Roon library, but not to Tidal library directly, making not possible to have the new created playlist on devices that are not using ARC.

I don’t know if I didn’t understand how it works, or if there is possibly a feature to suggest here… :wink:

Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

Roon cannot modify Tidal playlists, it can only modify local playlists.

Ah ok… Why can’t Roon modify services playlists? Is it about permissions or something like that?
Why can we add tracks to Tidal favorites via Roon but not to playlists?

yeah i know what you mean. Now that we have ARC, I am considering to use Roon and Roon ARC exclusively, and just keep my Tidal subscription. I just learned that in Roon ARC i can import any of my Tidal playlists as a Roon playlist, and then just use the Roon playlist going forward, in respect to adding and removing songs.

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Yep, that has always been the case in Roon, it is not an ARC thing. Keep in mind, once the playlist is in Roon, you cannot send the changes back to Tidal (or Qobuz).

Even it has always been the case in Roon, why couldn’t it be integrated to the app then? :wink:

As Jesper, it’s exactly what I was expecting from ARC : to have a central server, then manage all Tidal playlists from here on my phone using bluetooth in my car or with my headphones. But actually I don’t see any interest to use it since I still have to install Tidal app to manage everything from it, why would I listen at music using bluetooth with ARC if I can’t easily manage what I want if I could do it from Tidal itself…
In the other hand, if the only way to use ARC is to use it on static devices (I own a connected amp in the living room), there is already Roon itself to stream…

I think I either didn’t understand the purpose of the ARC app, nor I don’t know… :thinking:

I was answering Jesper. It has always been the case that Roon cannot modify Streaming services playlists, Roon can only modify Roon playlists. Nothing about ARC has changed this.

Yes i know, thanks. My point is that ARC changes everything for me, as I now am considering to rely solely on Roon and ARC - thus stopping to update my library and playlists in Tidal, and only keep the subscription to them. Once ARC gets the carplay functionality, I dont see any reason to keep using Tidal when outside the house/in the car etc.

A few days ago, i was wondering how to import the tidal playlists into Roon, and discovered that this was already possible, so no hassle at all in just continuing to keep and update playlists in Roon from now on.

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