Roon arc is not working for PC win 10


Recently i had OS win 10 problem end up reinstalled from Microsoft, after that my roon is not recognized songs i have play list and not working with Arc.

I got a snap shot messages from Roon attached

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It appears that UPnP is enabled in your router. You could try to disable that, and then create a manual port forwarding rule in your router similar to what I have.

IP address : The IP address of your Roon Core. In your case
Port number : The port number that Roon lists. In your case 55000
Protocol is TCP
If you have an option to fill in a source IP. Then that one needs to stay empty.

That should work.

Another issue might be your Windows. Since you’ve mentioned it having been reinstalled. Is your Windows firewall blocking the traffic?

I am not tech person but these are the things I did

  1. checked fire wall noticed was block so released
  2. checked router find nothing that I know is wrong setting

below is the snap shot of the router screen

Hi @sam_park,

This might be an issue with your Windows firewall exceptions. Please verify that Roon and associated processes are exempt for your Windows machine.

Do you have a second router in your setup? If so, there are addition steps required to Bridge the modem that are specific to the Home Hub. Let us know and we’ll help you out.

Additionally, you might need to add the above Roon exceptions to your Home Hub firewall. That’s what this user seems to have done to resolve their own port forwarding error with the Bell Home Hub 3000: Roon Arc not able to connect to Roon Core (Bell Home Hub 3000, Single-Router)

Thank you!

Hi Connor,

Before I try your suggestions, please look below pic of my com screen shows that I can not enough play songs any more. What am I doing wrong???

@sam_park, this isn’t related to using ARC, and is something that happens from time-to-time with streaming services. Unavailability occurs for two reasons:

  1. A new albums is available prior to the release and some or all tracks are available until the official release date
  2. For licensing reasons, the title is no longer available, but will remain in Roon until removed

For the latter, there is usual an alternative version available. Check using the VERSIONS tab on the album page, and if available, add this to your collection and remove the other. You’ll need to manually update playlists, too.

Hi Martin,

Solve this problem which was Tidel access. Thanks

Thanks for the update. Do you still have an issue with ARC?

Hi @sam_park,

Just closing the loop here. Are you having issues with ARC, or just Tidal? In any case, this thread will close automatically in about a week without a response. Please start a new thread if you happen to see this afterward. Thanks!

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