Roon ARC issue with Inteno/Netgear Orbi

I have an Inteno 357E in Bridge Mode and a Netgear Orbi Mesh-system connected to it. My NUC /Rock is connected to Orbi’s satellite. My music is on an ssd connected with USB straight to NUC. Everything else seems work fine but no access from outside home with ARC. Here are some screenshots from Inteno, Orbi and Roon ARC. Is it possible to get the idea of what is wrong with my configuration? I’m not very clever with IT but my son has tried to help me. Also he had no idea what’s wrong.

Which country are you in and what internet provider are you on.

Via PM. Jouni is from Finland and internet provider is Oulun seudun sähkö

These seem to be the port forwarding instructions

Thanks a lot for being fast but I think we already made those changes. Not working! Still I must go on until I find those values from my Inteno and check if we have made them correctly.

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