Roon Arc Issues On Nuc Core

Im also having difficulty. Even in my own wifi roon hasn’t been seen for 5 days let alone any remote access. I dont know where to turn to fir help. There is somany different web discissions and most are old. November.

Wish I could say something useful. All I did is reset arc, update arc, restart Mac Roon Core, turn off firewall on the Mac Roon Core, start again. Open Arc, login and the first time sync started. After 10 minutes it was working again

You lost me. Its been a while.
I last use rooncore during bike riding season.
Few things changed. I got new internet service/ router. I made same changes to port forwarding. It basically was the same router at least the software was identical.
Last week i noticed i didn’t have access in my truck. Said poor connection.
I tried it next yo my wifi on my local and it was working. At keast localy. Then i started losing that. Csn you be a little more detsiled in what you did. Like what y used to do what?

Reset arc is from the ARC settings. And just close arc.
Go to your computer that has the core installed. Restart the computer.
When computer running disable firewall. (I’m on Mac so it is in system prefs/network)
Restart again computer
Open roon and check if in the settings/ARC connections is ok
If all ok get your phone and open ARC
It will ask for username and pass and after that it will search you core, hope it finds your core and start sync. it takes a while on the first sync

Im using a nuc. I got nuc to run internally but it gives me error arc doesn’t have outside access.

Oh, I do not know if there is firewall there (on the nuc). But do you have firewall on the router?

I’ve had that error but lasted for about 5 seconds and when away

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Hey @jeff_beckley,

I split off your replies into its own thread to make sure it receives proper attention. Following up here, what’s the status of your Arc issues? If so, what error code do you see when you head to your Roon core settings > Roon Arc?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

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Hey @jeff_beckley,

I wanted to give this thread a quick bump to see if you were still running into Arc related issues?

If so, please share the error code you’re seen in Roon Settings> Roon Arc.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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