Roon ARC little troubles / suggestions

Hi there!

There began entirely new life after appearing of USB driver and DAC support for Android. Some comment and suggestion.

  1. After playback stops and quitting from Roon ARC, it’s almost impossible to continue playback because of unexpected error. Impossible to play the current track, the next track and sometimes the following after next track. I think that the problem is in cached data. Roon Arc can’t manage them.
    Suggestion: clear cached data and begin stopped playback with empty cache.

  2. USB driver very good plays stream in Hi-Res FLAC and DSD. But when I play albums in MQA - it plays only basic FLAC without MQA information/unfolding. When I play the same album by Tidal application, MQA playback is correct.
    Suggestion: please include MQA support into USB driver.