Roon ARC media corrupt

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core : Mac Mini M1
Library server : NAS Synology

Networking Gear & Setup Details

At home : Ethernet link 1Gb
Outside home : Roon ARC 1.0.44 on Iphone 14 Pro Max / IOS 17

Connected Audio Devices

At home : Mac Mini with app Ron or remote Roon app on IOS
Outside : Roon ARC

Number of Tracks in Library

Library : about 20-30 000 tracks

Description of Issue

At home : No problem
Outside : On roon arc, everyday I have the message Corrupt Media on files. There is no logical with this message. It’s not the same titles each day. The titles with this message on one day works the day after etc…
For example : I open Roon ARC on my Iphone (5G connection ok) when I am outside. Connection with Roon Core is OK. I can browse my library without problem. I choose to go on Tracks library et play a track. The track is reading ok, i skip to the next track and it’s ok. But if come back to the previous track that I have listened few minutes ago, I have the message Corrupt Media, and same error with the others previous tracks.
Other exemple, i can have this error message randomly when I go on next tracks.
I have the problem too when i open Roon ARC outside (conneciton to the core ok) and i try to read the track which was in progress the last time i used ARC.
When i have Corrupt Media, i have the same message on the next track, and i have to clic 2 or 3 tracks later to read again a track with succes, and then it will work again.
I know this is not a connection problem (5G ok and so many tests i did…)
I know this is not a problem of the trcks because the tracks that have problems have not the problem the day after etc… it 's not the same tracks wich have problems
Well, this bug is very disturbing.
Can you help me please ?
Many thanks !


Hi @Mathieu_Vendret,
Is this error occurring with media downloaded on your phone?

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Hello and so sorry for the delay for my answer… To be honest, i don’t use anymore Roon for few weeks and was about to give up and unsubscribe.
For 2 reasons :

  • This bug was a real inconvenient. And for your question, well, i didn’t try because i don’t download the media, that’s not my use. My library on my NAS is at my home and contains about 20 000 files or more and Roon Arc was a good opportunity to access to my all library. So I won’t donwload my music to listen it.
  • The Roon ARC is based (as i understood…) on Roon Radio if I want to play all tracks in random mode. But that’s not what I love, because i don’t wan’t to listen all Soul Music if i try to launch a soul track in first. And day after day, Roon play often the same albums or artists. So usually, i listen all my tracks in random play because i love to do not know what the next song or artist is gonna be played. And in Roon Arc (and maybe Roon app too), it plays same artists or albums.

thank you for your interest Daniel :wink: