Roon ARC Missing Library Contents

Roon Core Machine

Apple Mac Mini (Late 2012), Core i5, 16GB

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Google WiFi Router (Gen 1), Core uses wired connection, no VPN

Connected Audio Devices

USB, Chromecast

Number of Tracks in Library

7500 tracks

Description of Issue

Running ARC on my Pixel 6a (Android 13) displays of my library do not show many of the albums in my roon library. For example I have four Dire Straits albums which are visible in roon on my computers and phone however ARC shows only one album. There are other examples of “missing” albums.
What’s going on? Bug? Feature??

Can you show the differences your seeing in screen grabs showing what you see in Roon Remote and then in ARC. This will help see what you see and may aid diagnosis.

On your Roon remote do you have show hidden tracks and albums active ? And arc it’s not active? If so then you will see them under the versions tab as Roon will group them as one album.

I revisited the two artist listings from yesterday and found ARC is displaying all the library albums. I verified the contents in the Core storage, verified I could see the albums in roon on the Core, on my MB Air, and on my Android 13 phone. Fine. Then I started ARC and today all the albums are showing up.

I’m assuming the problem was “stupid user” although I don’t recall doing anything differently. I’ll forward this to the Center for Short Lived Phenomena and let them deal with it.


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Sometimes it does take ARC a little time to sync up and update, let’s put it down to that.

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