Roon Arc not available on 4 of my Android Devices

Hello team! I could succesfuly instal Roon Arc only on my wife’s Samsung S22 phone. On all my other Android devices, the Play Store says that Roon Arc is not compatible with my Device. These are: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (a 7inch and 10inch tablet), Sony X1 mini phone, Pioneer XDP 100R (which would be ideal for Roon Arc as a high res player). I tried installing from an alternative store like APK Pure but the installation fails. Anyone with the same frustration? Any advice? Many thanks!

All of their android OS are too old.

Hello Ged. Thanks for sharing this piece of info I had missed. My Sony Xperia XZ1 compact is a 2018 purchase and runs Android 8. I did not think that afer 4 years it qualifies as “too old to be worth it”. The other devices are older, but run perfectly fine, evidence that not only iPad’s can run well after a few years. I find it sad that a global company like Roon does not take the planet into account when designing software that encourages customers to throw away devices that still do the job. Oh, well, what can we do but sigh…? Thanks for the info anyway!

Sadly this is the fact for android your Sony is probably more than capable but Sony did not bother

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Same here my Hiby R5 Gen 2 is Android 8.1. This is a brand new device…

Android 8 is not receiving security updates from Google anymore. Sony could have continued to update the device to more recent Android versions, but was too lazy. It’s the usual problem with Android that Google has tried to battle for years. Some vendors are better, some are worse

Apple vs Android ecosystem. Neither a priori better nor worse, but weird in different ways. Both have crappy orphan device issues, but apple tends to have a better predictable lifetime and then a far harder cliff making them effectively unusable for anything. Pick your poison, do your research, caveat emptor.

Yeah but many non-Google Androids get one (1) major update after release (or none at all, and just two or three years of security updates). Apple is much better there, with the exception of a few selected Android manufacturers