Roon ARC not working on android

Even though the roon ARC setup is complete and showing connected as below. My mobile Roon ARC is not even opening, Could anyone help on this one.

Please give full details of the device on which you have installed Roon ARC. iOS or Android?

I’m using Android version 13 on samsung s20fe phone

Hi @Chandra_Prashanth,

Thank you for your report and for your patience.

Who is your cellular provider? A successful port test in Roon → Settings → ARC like in your screenshot indicates that RoonServer has a successful up/downstream connection via the port opened via UPnP.

If ARC still won’t connect to RoonServer via cellular data, then the blockage is likely in the phone’s cellular connection. The provider might be implementing some sort of filtering, or limiting which services can authenticate connections.

Are you able to connect to RoonServer in ARC successfully on your home WiFi? Also, are you using any VPNs, either on the phone or on your home devices?

Thank you!

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