Roon ARC not working using CarPlay but works when using ARC on iPhone

Not sure if anybody else is having this issue but many times ARC with CarPlay will not come up or will just spin when trying to play either the radio or just a song. Last time this happened, I opened ARC on my iPhone and clicked on the same song and it started playing thru CarPlay. There have been other times when I clicked on a song to play using ARC on CarPlay and it goes thru the motion of playing the song with the timers counting down but no sound. Other times, ARC using CarPlay will work fine.
I have tested the ARC within the Roon core app and it says its setup correctly.
I started a thread indicating ARC wasn’t working many months ago and it went dead so I’m reaching out to the community.

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What connectivity does you car provide for CarPlay? How are you connecting your iPhone to CarPlay?

using a wireless CarPlay box: either the otto cast or the carlinkit box, depending on which car I use. when Roon doesn’t work, I can use other CarPlay apps like music, messages, etc… and they all work. The server in the house is wire to the router with the appropriate port forwarding. It does work sometimes, the iPhone/arc works fine, so the network connection seems fine, but I get the “poor connection” error when using the arc CarPlay app sometimes or it just spins forever.

1 more tidbit, if I would do the arc test on the server, which always comes back good, ARC always works with CarPlay after that. I shouldn’t have to run this to make it work. Maybe if the Roon engineers can give me a command to run on OS X Ventura that I can schedule to execute every hour or day, maybe that would help

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I would start by trying a wired connection using an original cable to rule out that the CarPlay boxes are not the source of the issue. I don’t know the architecture of CarPlay and ARC, but my guess is that different apps have different requirements. It’s not because one app works that all apps work.

Thanks for the replies. I have the same connection symptoms with Roon ARC wired or wireless.

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