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Dear Support-Team!
I’m excited about the new ARC update. Thank you for this!

I could manually configure my ARC on the core and it says it works fine. I had installed the ARC on my Pixel 6 before the ARC on the Core was running flawlessly. Then I could connect on my phone and ARC was running but stated a bad connection.
So I thought why not reinstall the ARC App on the phone because I read in one thread that the order of installation is important. Deinstalled ARC on Pixel. Reinstalled. Clicking the Icon. Sceen turns black and that’s the end of it.
Deinstalled again. Shut down Pixel. Reinstalled. Same issue.

Any help? I’d really love to get this work!

Thank you so much,

I am also having no luck with the Pixel 6. Initially Arc would start and it would say that it was trying to contact the Roon core. It would stay that way forever. Then I uninstalled Arc and reinstalled. Now I’m just getting a black screen on startup, like you.
I have tried Arc on several other devices, including my iPad, Fire tablets and my wife’s Samsung Galaxy phone. It works just fine on all of those.

He @Toolio !
Thank you for sharing. I really hope we will get answer here at some point…

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I have solved my problem. Perhaps my experience will help other Pixel 6 owners.
First, I got rid of the black screen on the Arc app by clearing the app cache and data in the phone settings, uninstalling the Arc app and reinstalling it. Then I was back to the first problem, which was the fact that Arc on my Pixel 6 would not connect to the Roon core, but Arc on other would devices worked fine. So I nosed around in the Pixel settings and realized that, because I travel with this phone, the time zone setting was incorrect. However, I had set the time manually, so the actual time was correct. In my case, the time zone should have been Eastern, but it was set for Brazil, where I live most of the time. I then set both the time zone and time to automatic (something I don’t normally do because automatic doesn’t work with my cellular provider in Brazil. It does work with my provider in Canada, where I am at the moment).
After doing this, voila. The Arc app started, connected with the core, and a few minutes later when the data update was finished everything was working.
So, in a nutshell, it looks like the incorrect time zone was the problem that was preventing Arc on my Pixel 6 from connecting.
Now all I have to do is hope that Arc on works fine when I switch my core back to my Brazil network on my return.

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HI @Robert_Mechs,

Just checking in. I’ll assign your case to me and monitor for responses. It looks like @Toolio gave you some great things to try.


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