Roon Arc on Android Auto [Done]

I upgraded to Roon 2.0 and loaded Roon Arc on my phone today. Play Arc in the car via a bluetooth connection is the best sound I ever had in the car. But navigating music on a phone is not practical (or safe) while driving. It would be much better if Arc could be displayed on the car’s touch screen via Android Auto. Is there a way to do this now and if not is something in the works?

Totally agree. Please ROON LABS can you confirm Android Auto will be in a near future upgrade?


100% support for this. This, and ability to direct downloaded content to SD card on the phone (or install ARC to SD card).


Yep its a must


Arc looks great - and I fully agree here: “Android Auto” would really make this the perfect solution !!
Thanks so much.


Yes, I agree this would be a great feature. But Android Auto can be bad at dealing with large numbers of tracks and artists, so this might be quite a tough one to implement to the satisfaction of the average Roon user.

There is a feature request already for Carplay and they confirmed it’s on the roadmap along with Android Auto.

Duplicating feature requests is bad because it dilutes votes. Please search for existing ones before creating new posts and add your votes to the existing ones

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While basically the same functionality Apple Car Play and Android Auto are two completely different pieces of software for completely different platforms. I am no expert, but getting this done are surely two different routes within software developement, maybe even done by different teams within Roon.
Therefore I would say it does make sence to vote separately for Android Auto - even if there is a short comment within the Apple Carplay request, that both - Apple Carplay and Android Auto - are “on the Roadmap” - whatever that means …
It may be a difference for Roon in setting their priorities it there are 400 votes for Carplay and and 10 votes for Android Auto - or vice versa …
Just my thoughts …

That’s true, maybe my comment was too rash because there is too much duplication in general. In this case it’s maybe useful. Though probably good to have them linked together anyway :slight_smile:

Would definitely appreciate Android Auto integration.

I use Android Auto extensively and would agree that ARC is unsafe without it - I have Tidal on my mobile and every time I get a call or message Tidal starts instead.

While we’re on it, removing the feature that hides the home button and return button would be a good thing, again a safety issue in the car.


Yes please

just want to chime in that I would love to see Android Auto support for Roon ARC

@Thomas_Mazziotti can you update the thread title to show that this is on roadmap, per the carplay thread? That could stop careless upvoting. :slight_smile:

I can’t believe you finally released a mobile app, only to have to upvote and follow another “on roadmap” ticket for what’s obviously a top three use-case. Sigh.

Waiting on android auto compatability

Me too, Android auto would be huge.

I have been using android auto for past 4 years daily and hopefully they add ARC support also soon :slight_smile:
It is actually needed for safe driving. been trying to use arc in car but its not safe manually changing tracks from phone. So kudos to roonlabs doing it, you may save lives adding this feature.

I use ARC on occasion but my usage would really take off it supported Android Audio. It’s YouTube music (or Tidal or Qobuz) in the car until then.

Yes! The lack of Android Auto support means that Roon ARC is basically useless for me. I’ll be uninstalling it until I hear there is support for the one place I listen to music outside of my house - my car.


I would love Roon ARC to work with Android Auto. Using the Qobuz app is just utterly miserable.