Roon Arc on iOS does not free up storage after deleting album

I downloaded a DSD album to the Roon Arc app on my iOS device and upon discovering it does not convert the audio (it downloaded the full 3.79GB album) I wanted to delete it to free up storage. So, I deleted the downloaded album in the Arc app, but it seems it does not actually delete the files from the phone.

Even upon rebooting my device, the storage section of the settings of my device still says Arc is using up the 3.79GB that the album takes up.

In the Arc app, I can choose to download the album again, so clearly the apps still thinks the files were deleted.

  • Roon Arc 1.0.0
  • iOS 16.0 (20A362)

Update: Roon Arc 1.0.1 seems to have solved this problem. Just upon installing the update, the storage space previously held captive was freed up.

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