Roon ARC or Roon for connecting remotely from laptop?

I don’t see Roon ARC on the Mac App Store, so was wondering what the process is for connecting remotely from laptop to Roon core. Can this be done through the normal Roon app?



+1 Would love to install Roon ARC on my office Mac to access my home Core.

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A Windows version would also be handy.

it would be great if I could use the new Apple Silicon build to sync music for offline use.

In your case, you can simply stream via your phone to iMac. Hope you have configured iMac to stream.

If you have a DAC/ Amplifier setup with MAC, like mine, I think, Roon 2 does not change anything.

As an example, my home setup is on NUC and on office my DAC50/ E480 is connected via Mac.

Current options are either to get 2 different subscriptions and then also, no options to synchronise. Second option is to log in and log out daily. So I have got audirivana at office but it’s a too much bothersome looking for my albums.

Hopefully, Roon comes up with something in future.

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