Roon Arc Playback Set to Original Format, but


Finally got my Roon Core setup on a NUC. Took a bit of work, but I’m glad it’s working.

So, I’m listening to music via Roon Arc on my iPhone, at the moment. I set playback to Original Format via wifi and mobile. All of my music is CD-Quality or above. I turned off volume leveling and other DSP effects.

All of tracks say High Quality, rather than Lossless.

It seems that its converting the Sample Rate from 44.1 to 48 khz. Is this an iphone thing?

What is getting transmitted to my headphones? Is it a lossy file or lossless and is there something I can do about it?

Yes, iPhone does that. Plug a DAC into the iPhone to get high res lossless.

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I just want to know if I’m getting the flac file or is it being converted to AAC. I don’t mind the slight upsampling. .

Also, I often use airpods pros on the go which convert everything to 256 kbps AAC.

What I’d like is for Roon to deliver the lossless flac file to my airpods, which then convert it to 256 AAC.

Check the signal path it shows you what your getting and what’s happening in arc. But if you have it set as original it will be whatever your original files are, arc will process depending on what’s connected to the device, iPhone speaker all is resampled to 48/24, Bluetooth will be 44.1, attached dac will be what it supports and DSD will be sent via DoP. Airplay will be 44.1.

If your settings are bandwidth optimised or balanced then the files may be converted to opus depending on your available bandwidth by Roon core. Streaming services will provide their own lossy format Nothing is converted to AAC only streams originating in AAC will be received as AAC.

But AirPods use Bluetooth so you will get 44.1 compressed Bluetooth converter by iOS to aac. Bluetooth is lossy you can’t get lossless to it nothing Roon can do to change that and it’s not converting it iOS Bluetooth stack is. If your using Bluetooth why bother with original quality at all as your always going to be throwing it all away.


Thanks. That was crystal clear.

Well, Bluetooth is only for listening outside of my home. My reasoning for using original quality is that, as far as I know, iOS will convert all music encoded above 256 kbps AAC to that value. I don’t think Roon ARC has an option for 256 AAC (I think lossy is 320), specifically, so rather than going through 2 rounds of compression…I’d prefer just one round of compression.

I may get an audioquest dragonfly if Roon Arc turns out to be stable. Fingers crossed.

It uses Opus codec at a max of 256kb/s which is audibly lossless. I find it sounds very very good and don’t notice over Bluetooth not worth the extra bandwith on my data plan for lossless to use with BT.

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Does the iPhone then convert that Opus 256 to AAC 256?

Yes but you really not going to notice.

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Objectively, probably not. But… perception is reality! :grinning: