Roon ARC Playlists not seen on phone

I have ARC loaded on my phone. My server is running the current versions of core and client. I have a handful of playlists in the Roon client. I don’t see any of those on the ARC iPhone playlist option. It is blank. I can create a playlist on the phone, and it is not visible on the Roon windows client. I have done a refresh of data on the phone.

Mine are there and I didn’t do anything to put them there. Here’s what I see on my Dell Roon client and Roon ARC on iPhone…They should just be there. Maybe do some reboots.

Would be great if I could see my playlists. I rebooted core, router, switch, and iPhone. Devices are all on the same network. Maybe a future update will fix this, I see in the groups other people have a similar issue. The ARC app is a good start for remote access, but seems to run a little slow. I do have a 1GB connection up and down, so I don’t think it is my internet.

It is definitely a glitchy iPhone app. I loaded Roon ARC on my work phone, it took a long time to login, but I see my playlists. I am not sure what process gets done in the background when we first launch the app, but it takes a very long time. I hope this app improves over time, as of now it is not very usable, too slow.

I completely rebuilt from Roon core from the ground up, clean operating system install, clean install of roon. It is now behaving correclty.