Roon ARC Plays One Song Then Stops - Endless Spinner on Play Button (ref#RK61HI)

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I've recently restored my roon server from a backup because of a hard drive failure. Ever since then, my roon arc plays one song and then stops. No error message is shown, there's an endless spinner instead of the play button. I've tried wiping cache and a full reinstall, nothing works. I'll note that all my roon remotes at home work properly.

Describe your network setup

Roon server is connected via wire to my router. I have a very good 1Gb fiber connection at home. I use arc on a combination of wifi networks at the office and cellular on the road.

I am now 1 hour deep into a music listening session on my office WIFI.
I think the issue is limited to cellular networks. Other streaming apps work fine and I live in a city so generally have great reception at high 5g speeds.

Hi @grzlybear,
Thanks for writing in to let us know about this issue. Check your port forwarding settings on your server under settings (the gear icon) → Roon ARC. It may have gotten reset when you reinstalled.

Hi Daniel, thanks for your reply.

Port forwarding settings are good, arc also shows two green status lights. WiFi playback works great, cellular not ao much. I would say the track don’t progress 80% of the time and playback stops after 1 track.

What are your ARC streaming quality settings, in the ARC app > Home > Settings?

@grzlybear Do you use Android Auto? If you do, do these playbacks issues happen when you use Android Auto or shortly after?

Arc settings are set to automatic, I briefly trialled manually setting them but the behaviour was the same so I restored it to automatic.

Yes, most of the instances happen when I use Android Auto. But I’m fairly certain it’s a cellular network issue as it can happen while using normally as well. Just happens to be the case that most cellular network usage is through Android Auto.

Hi @grzlybear,

We’re escalating this case to development. Do you happen to have the name of a track that recently failed to play with the endless spinner? Doesn’t matter if it was using Android Auto, just any timestamp will do. Thank you for your help pinning this down.

Happened again just now

I’ve been having the same issue, see if you can play something thats locally on your machine and not on tidal/qobuz, because my local tracks work, but anything from a streaming service acts exactly like you described. also what phone do you have? I’ve had this issue ever since getting my s24 ultra, my old lg v60 and v30 both work fine. playing over home wifi works just fine, only cellular does it give me issues. tethering to another phone from the s24u on the network, allows that non-s24u phone to also play the music just fine, so its just cellular on the s24u. if im not alone in this issue, it gives me hope that a resolution might come.

Any update on this?

I’m sorry it’s still in the developer queue for them to take a look at. With the holidays and Roon staff taking vacations things have been a bit delayed. Please bear with us and this issue will be tackled.

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Hi, I wanted to resurface this thread before it closes.
I’m a big Roon fan but I’ve got to say my experience with ARC lately has been very frustrating. It’s such a finnicky solution, it almost feels like we’re back in the day of blowing on SNES cartridges.

Anecdotes I’ve noticed during the last weeks:

  1. The problem is mostly happening with cellular connection, although not exclusive to it. Cellular seems to be the worst culprit. WIFI seems a bit more stable but also suspect to getting stuck.
  2. I’ve used a VPN service (for adblocking purposes) on my phone during the last week (over cellular and WIFI connections) and interestingly enough it actually improved the reliability of the connection.
  3. Today ARC completely stopped working, not recognizing the server at all - while everything works as intended at home.