Roon Arc Plusnet Hub One - Setup

So, as per many peoples comments, the Roon can’t connect to Roon Arc.

After a bit of investigation this is how I resolved the connectivity on my UK Plusnet Hub One.

Initially, I decided to give my ROCK a static IP of I setup port forwarding by setting the port that was shown in the ROON Arc settings (50002)

UPnP is enabled and all other settings are default. I had set a DHCP range starting from, hence the static IP value.

Still no connection , so I looked at the router logs and saw this.

As you can see the port 55002 is using IP address, why i have no idea.

However when I changed the IP address of my ROCK server to this IP then Roon connected to Arc.

Hope this helps someone.


Worked for me, thanks!

I also needed a Roon Core re-start for this to work in my case.

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