Roon Arc problem issue

Roon Core Machine

Trigkey mini windows 11 machine with 16ddr ram & 512gb ssd card

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ifi dac v2

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Hi, I have a problem with Roon Arc, this has happened since the last two updates before that Roon Arc worked perfectly, when I’m at home Roon arc works fine connected via Wi-Fi or cellular as soon as I leave the house & go to my car which is parked about 400yds away connect Roon to my car system via Bluetooth it plays the first two tracks of what I’m listening to then stops normally by the end of 2 tracks I’m about a quarter to half a mile from my house. When I’m at work & try Roon Arc either Wi-Fi or cellular all I get is “poor connection”, as soon as I get indoors again it works perfectly again, I’ve rebooted my PC & Roon Core several times but nothing changes.

Does the Settings > Roon ARC page in Roon show that your Core has been successfully configured?

Hi, Yes all settings are as they should be

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