Roon Arc problems playing in car

Enjoyed using Roon Arc on my iPhone whilst walking the dog, but had problems playing downloaded music through iOS cable linked to my 2015 car. I can play Tidal download via Tidal app in the car, but not downloads from my roon library via roon arc. Can any one shed light on how I can fix this? Thanks

Are you trying to use CarPlay? Roon has not issued a CarPlay integration app as of yet. Some people have had varying degrees of success using CarPlay anyway and pressing “Now Playing.” In that situation, you still have to use the phone for most of the commands.

If you’re not using CarPlay and just trying to use a USB input to your audio system, that gets sketchy IMHO. I’ve fiddled with it a few times and gotten it to work but I can’t really figure it out. I’ve also used a 3.5mm aux input with some success. I think it’s more about the capability of your car’s audio system.


I tried again connecting to the car via iPhone cable and roon Arc worked.

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