Roon ARC questions

Setup: Windows server and remote, wired network, Android Remote and Arc, 50,000 tracks.

With manual port forwarding do I need to use a static IP on the server?

While browsing library, got messages about slow connection while still on wifi/lan. Will this go away after first sync is finished?

Could not find Tidal tab with your mixes, new releases, etc. Is this “coming soon” or no?

Could not find a way to show/select/play bookmarks. Coming soon?

If I play something from Tidal using arc, does the core get it and stream it back out to Arc or does Arc get it directly from Tidal?

What about mqa? Does the Arc app do first unfold if quality is set to “original”?

ARC does not do any unfolding of MQA files

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Thanks. Missed that.

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