Roon arc ready but cannot be accessed from outside

I opened a separate topic so as not to confuse things!
Isp Vodafone Germany
Fritzbox 6591 main router and the only one,
the pc connected directly via cable to the router, nothing else.
A repeater connected to the router via wifi, not mesh, not cable.
Roon arc ready but your core isn’t configured for access outside of your network!

Hi @5ORYN,

Thank you for posting in a dedicated topic thread. We’d be happy to assist.

Similar to the other Vodafone users, we need to make sure there is proper prefix delegation in order for ARC to function with IPv6 on your network.

In the final screenshot above, try toggling the setting "Assign DNS Server, prefix (IA_PD), and IPv6 Address (IA_NA). Let’s allow Fritz!Box to handle assignment as a test. I recommend turning the router on/off after you’ve enabled these settings. Also restart your Roon Core before testing.

If that doesn’t work, please try the setting just above, “Assign DNS Server and prefix (IA_PD)” and similarly restart your devices.

We’ll proceed from there. Thank you!

I tried all the options

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