Roon ARC runs much smoother since recent production update

I just wanted to say thanks to the developers at Roon for the latest Roon Core/ARC updates. Mainly on ARC I noticed the iphone app is much snappier. When I open it shows my recent additions to my library much quicker and seems to be more responsive all around. This is great as ARC can be a bit frustrating with playback/loading issues. Just wanted to say I appreciate it and keep up the great work!


I second the OP. The improvement in the responsiveness and the stability of the ARC connection is dramatic. It’s worked flawlessly since the update. Your efforts are much appreciated!


I have a question please. Is ARC still overheating the iPhone 14 Pro Max 1Tb? I had serious issues with that App and i was very concerned that it could damage my expensive iPhone. While using Roon ARC App it was seriously overheated. Downloads of an album to local memory of iPhone needs 4 to 5 minutes sometimes and the iPhone screen need to be on while downloading. If not the downloads was interrupted or broken. I am using Gigabit Wifi and PlexAmp needs just 10 seconds to download an album to my local memory of the phone. Is it fixed now?

I had deleted Roon Arc cause it was not usable for me.

Are those issues fixed now? To be honest i don’t like the risk of overheating my iPhone, so i need to wait for a fixed app.

I am quite pleased with the developments in responsiveness as well. Thanks.

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Same here… ARC is working great and much faster!

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I did notice some heat but didn’t think it was going to damage the phone. But I also have apple care.

iPhones turn off if they get too hot. Not saying your problem shouldn’t get fixed, but it won’t damage your phone.

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