Roon ARC says POOR CONNECTION on tidal, but plays hires nicely from local library

Android 12, Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

i cannot get this - good connection for hires streaming from core to tablet, but cannot play tidal…

tonight I tested that on my dacha, with pretty good 4G+ - and just like that - I can play even 24/96 hires from local library, but cannot play tidal even once - “poor connection” per se

Streaming services comes direct from them to arc app not via the core so this may be an issue with Tidal and you phones provider. Could you try from Tidal app and see if it’s any better will at least identify if it’s ARC or not.

yes, it was :frowning: i’ve turned off vpn for roon ARC, but tidal somewhat filtered by putinists…
thank you, with vpn it works as it is.