Roon ARC scrolling broken on iOS with build 74 update [Roon Investigating]

Roon Core Machine

ROCK NUC wired to switch

ARC device: iPhone 7 iOS 15.7.1

Description of Issue

Applied update today, scrolling is very broken. E.g. go to album list, scrolling works at first, then a pop-out index appears for fast scrolling, this works, but when I stop, if I continue to swipe up (to scroll down) the scrolling is stalled. Swiping down re-starts the scrolling briefly. The app seems to repeatedly stop registering swipe-up actions on the main part of the screen, so scrolling has become next to unusable.

Same here, iPhone 13 Pro, scrolling is broken.

Hi, @ACvitus, thank you for the post. Could you, please, provide an illustration for the issue you are observing?



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thanks for enquiring about this so quickly. Here is a link to a video, swiping up from the main part of the screen is almost completely broken with the new release. Same thing happens on Artist, Album and Track lists.

Unboxed an iPhone 13 today, completed the setup and app migration - and scrolling in ARC is just as broken as my iPhone 7. Is this likely to be fixed in the next production release?

Just to note, scrolling still completely broken with ARC 1.0.27 build 92 on my iPhone 13 running iOS 16 with ROCK core 2.0 build 1169. Same on the iPhone 13 as the video posted above with my iPhone 7.

Deleted ARC from my phone, powered cycled and reinstalled, scrolling now working. Evidently the build 74 update on my iPhone 7 borked the installation and somehow this then migrated to my new iPhone 13 (seems very strange).

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