Roon ARC Service Issue [Resolved]

Wednesday 8th February 2023 09:00 CET

I’m seeing reports that Roon ARC is not working at the moment, and indeed, I’m getting “Poor connection” messages.

Paging @support

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My Arc app was working fine in the car on the way to the office, now it says “Something went wrong” and “Poor connection”.

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I am facing the same problem on Both Android and iOS. “poor connection” on the iOS and “searching” on Android

Mine is working OK. Regional? I’m in the UK.

Mine has been unable to connect all day via the Android app. I’m in Australia.

“Poor connection”, “Something went wrong”… Will we get these “attractions” every day now? Yesterday it did not work outside the home network, only in the evening of Warsaw time (GMT+1) it started working. Today it was working up to an hour and now I’m getting these above notifications. In home network. I force stop the application, clear the cache, restart the smartphone, even wipe application data. But it doesn’t work. I’m slowly getting tired of it, you don’t know when it will work and when it will have a whim not to work. And before that, it worked several days in a row without any problems, but after the last few days, the enthusiasm for using the application subsided. I was going to write that You made my day with the Arc, but now frustration is mounting.

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Mine is pretty unhappy as well today (UK) - fine last night.

Not working for me either. Continually getting the Something went wrong message … also in the UK

Same here
Second time the last days
Everytime i am on the road :smile:
Glad i have a SD card too

Same issue, getting the “something went wrong” message this morning, in UK on 5G

Same here. “Something went wrong” banner in app. Again: We NEED a Roon status page. In particular as these issues with ARC seem to have started to increase recently…

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Roon ARC stopped working for me today. No smooth jazz for you, Vlad…

Yup - same here in the UK. Poor connection, and, something went wrong. Core was last seen 2 hours ago UK time, apparently.

Hello Same problem in France ! No connection since 7AM…

Same here… (Belgium)

Don’t know what to think of roon these days…

Started just before arc…

And it went from an excellent working tool to a constant updating thing that refused to work if either client or server have the wrong version…

And once in a while some other thing going on…

In addition, I wanted or rather was forced to try the ZeroTier service for connections outside the home network, because the Meshnet feature in the NordVPN client also stopped working today. Despite the fact that the service is activated on the computer, the client on the smartphone and tablet does not see the device online and cannot connect in any way. There was a problem with this yesterday, but after restarting the smartphone, the connection was established. Not today. That’s why I started thinking that something must have gone wrong on the Roon Core machine, but I see that the problem with ARC (again) is much wider.

A conspiracy or what?

Roon ARC is working here (Netherlands) without problems now.

I can confirm that. Working through ZeroTier too. Just started few seconds after my previous post.

Yes - things seem to be back up and running here, too (UK).

Confirming was seeing the exact same problem today in Australia

Now working again

This seems dodgy to me as if ARC traffic goes via some Roon proxy and then to our core, instead of direct.