Roon ARC should be visible as an audio device

I believe it would be useful that the Roon ARC application would be visible from the standard Roon application. That way I would be able to fill the queue from my PC, which is more convenient that doing so on the mobile phone.

Agreed - my use case for this is when I’m working at the office. It would be really nice to have access to my Roon server from my laptop now that remote access is a thing

Then, why don’t you just use the Roon Remote. It can use your phone as an audio device

This feature request will also cater for enabling the DSP feature on the Roon ARC output devices.


Because for a seamless experience I would like to transfer the playing queue from the house to mobile and reverse. I can’t imagine how an entire team of developers and beta testers didn’t see the need for that. ARC is DISCONNECTÈD from Roon as far as I am concerned - yes it does allow you to play your library but if you can’t transfer your queues between ARC and the main Roon system they would always play different things (unless of course you are willing to put in manual work like creating playlists etc). I just want to add music to my playing queue and transfer that to wherever I am. Until that becomes available to ARC it pretty much has no use for me


I would add the opposite as well - basically we should be able to transfer a playing queue to and from ARC. That would be a seamless experience. Right now it’s not seamless and it’s rather messy to use two apps.


Strong agree. As far as I can tell, the only integration between ARC and Roon “at home” is that your ARC plays appear in the queue for your last active endpoint at home? Sort of a weird kludge, as that’s not actually what played there, and also you can’t transfer the ARC queue to your Roon-at-home, nor vice-versa?

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the roon app displays the available audio devices directly connected or available via the local network. A phone with the roon ARC app that is active should be displayed as an available audio device from within a roon a roon endpoint or client.
Conversely, the roon ARC app should display the locally available via LAN devices or endpoints. This would allow me to use my phone at a vacation home to play on my roon ready powered speaker system like the KEF LS50 II.
This equivalent functionality is provided by the Qobuz phone app.

I didn’t notice that. Did you notice it or is it described in the release notes? not that it would be of any help really…

I don’t really understand why a new mobile app was required to introduce remote access.

Why couldn’t the original Roon remote app have been modified to introduce an option to select either a local Roon Core connection or a remote Roon ARC connection. The rest of the interface could have then stayed consistent.

Yes, that is a complete mystery.


I don’t really understand why a new mobile app was required to introduce remote access.

The CEO addresses this question in the latest Darko podcast. Short answer: totally different networking stack.

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I didn’t notice that. Did you notice it or is it described in the release notes? not that it would be of any help really…

Noticed it. I tested out ARC while on the way to the dentist, choosing a track that I know is not available from any streaming service, and when I got home, that track appeared in the queue of my last used endpoint as currently playing.

Interesting - I tried to reproduce this but it doesn’t happen in my system. Will try again next time I go to the dentist.

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Hm, maybe it was a coincidence? I will try to reproduce when not going to the dentist. :slight_smile:

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That doesn’t make sense at all… But whatever. :slight_smile:

I’ll have a listen to the podcast so thanks for the heads up but I do not understand why the standard Roon app could not be modified to utilise both network stacks as required. If the functionality can exist within two separate apps then it can exist within one.

I agree, Roon ARC would be more usable if able to see remote Roon ready devices and play to them (or Airplay/Chromecast to other devices, as per Qobuz/Tidal etc.).
A possible but wired workaround some may like to try, I’m using ARC on an iPhone/iPad and have successfully streamed to other devices with a lightning USB cable. It works but not as convenient as casting to a remote device.

I can’t believe this only has 9 votes. We must be weirdos.
I’ve been away for two weeks and used ARC everyday - I built an extensive queue. That’s how I use Roon - I find new stuff and add it to a shuffled queue. Now I’m home and it’s impossible to keep listening to that queue on my home system.
Now, since I was aware of this shortcoming, during my holiday I also added to a playlist the same music I was adding to the queue… so now I can listen to that playlist, but of course I lose playback order (or more precisely music that was alreadu played will play again). Also, if I keep adding music to that playlist, it will NOT get added to the queue… so using ARC between home and away is a “scratch your left year with your right hand” type of experience…
I just can’t understand how the Roon developers and hundreds of beta testers didn’t see this…
Does anyone have any idea if this has been addressed by Roon so far? Is this at least on the roadmap(not that we’ve ever seen a Roon roadmap)?