Roon ARC shows tracks as "unavailable" in Roon built playlists

Roon ARC - when trying to access playlists created directly in Roon it shows as every track being unavailable regardless of where the tracks are sourced from. I can play all my other playlists that are built externally from Tidal and my local files. I can play all of these inaccessible playlists in Roon as always just not through ARC. Kind of defeats the purpose of ARC if I can’t access all my playlists. Hopefully I’m stupid and there is a solution.

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Hi @Steve_Winters,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting a response.

A few things:

Is the problem still present?

Does the issue happen outside of your network, inside, or both?

Can you confirm that when you use Roon or Roon Remote that you’re still logged into Tidal? (Settings>services).


Same problem still exists. Issue regardless of where I use it, in or out of network. Still signed into Tidal. Nothing has changed at all with this problem.

I’m done dealing with this. I figured out a clumsy work around that meets my purpose but it shouldn’t be so difficult to make a tag work right if I can do it by a work around.


Hi @Steve_Winters,

We’ve seen this problem occur in the last couple of days. The fix is to log out of Tidal on your remote, log back in, and restart your core. If you’d like to continue working on this I’m more than happy to do the same. If so, please try this and test again. Let me know what the date/time/track played is in the event that it doesn’t fix it. I’m happy to take your issue to my next meeting with development and escalate this further.


That seems to have solved it for now. Thx.

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So glad to hear! Enjoy your weekend!


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