Roon ARC: Sorting by ‘Artist’ inconsistency of album order

Content you’re reporting an issue with

About half the artists in my library.

Have you made any edits to this content in Roon?

Typically, the only edits that I make are adding higher quality album covers.

Is the album identified in Roon?

Yes, all my albums are identified.

Is this content from local files, TIDAL, or Qobuz?


Screenshot of import settings

Description of the issue

There seems to be no consistency in the order that albums are presented when sorting by ‘Artist’.

Logically, they should be sorted by descending release date, and for about half of the artists in my library that is the case.

For the other half, the albums are out of release order and seem to be randomly arranged.

Does this have something to do with the metadata within Roon or in my local files? I’ve checked the release dates in both the Roon database and my local files and they are correct but Roon ARC still lists them in a different order. I have tried changing my import settings to both ‘Prefer Roon’ and ‘Prefer File’ but the issue persists.

I’m really curious about this because I really like to see everything in the right order, but I admit it’s not a dealbreaker or anything. Is this something that could be patched in a future update? Perhaps a sort by ‘Artist/Album’ function like Apple has.

I’ve attached some screenshots from my phone just to clarify what I mean. The Arcade Fire albums are in correct release order, but the Arctic Monkeys albums are not. The Beach House albums and Tame Impala albums are in the correct release order but The Strokes albums are not.

The fact that some artists are in the correct order leads me to believe that Roon is trying to do this for all artists but is unable in some cases.

Any help is appreciated, thanks

This may not help, but check ‘Settings → General → Album dates for sorting’ and see if it’s set to ‘Release date’. If it is, try changing it to ‘Original release date’.

Unfortunately that didn’t affect anything :frowning:

Thanks though

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