Roon ARC Suddenly No Longer Working

RESOLVED: After I definitively shut down the old computer and moved it into another room, Roon ARC finally connected to the Core on my new machine and I have it working at home (i.e., indoors). @Robert_F gave me the hint that the old computer, perhaps being still connectable via wireless, could be the source of the problem. So, I am going to assume for now that that is it.

I’ll still need to test ARC outside, in the car, etc., but it appears that this particular problem is now resolved. Thanks very much to everyone who helped, and I hope that some of the information here may be useful to others who may encounter a similar problem in the future.


Glad that you are making progress. Please keep us updated if you need additional assistance getting ARC settled.

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I hid your previous post as it contained your email address and as you appear to now have a solution it was probably not even required any longer.


@AceRimmer Thank you; I did not notice that!

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