Roon ARC - "There was a problem syncing to your phone" on iOS. Android no problem

Roon Core Machine

ROCK v2.0 (Build 1182) on Intel NUC717BNH 7th Gen (Kaby Lake) Core i7 System, 64GB RAM, 256GB SSD

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Main Router - Apple Airport Time Capsule using DHCP/NAT-PMP distributing via ethernet to four (4) ipTime access points (1 on each floor of home). Core connected directly via ethernet.

Using Static IP for Core and each Roon connected device in home.

For Roon ARC, using fixed IP port 60230. No problem with the configuration.

Connected Audio Devices

Devices related to the Roon ARC issue having. iPhone 7, iPad mini and iPad Pro - running latest iOS and latest version of ARC that just uninstalled (deleting all data) and reinstalled today.

Old Samsung Galaxy A80 phone also running latest Roon ARC (downloaded today).

Number of Tracks in Library

Tracks ~ 1.25M | Albums - 110K

Description of Issue

Getting a “There was a problem syncing to your phone” trying to do initial sync on all three of the iOS devices.

No problem with setting up and using the Android phone.

Hey @BobG,

Thanks for your patience as we continue to work through each thread. Following up on this thread, could you please recreate the issue a few times, and share a timestamp (date and time) of when the issue occurs?

Is your core connected directly to your main router? Can you confirm that your iOS devices are on the same subnet as your core and router?

I’ll be on standby for your reply :+1:

Thanks for getting back to me. Understand your guys are stretched thin right now.

No it is not connected to the main router but believe the network is all set to run on the same subnet. I’ve been traveling for the past week and will check all this when I get back home this weekend.

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Hi @Benjamin. As mentioned the core is not connected to the main router. I have 3 other routers (1 on each floor) that are connected via LAN and setup as a "bridge for the other 2 floors. The core is connected to the one on my first floor. All on operating on the same subnet Also note that can connect with Roon Remote throughout the house (eg connecting to the different routers (via wifi or LAN).

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Hey @BobG,

Thanks for the above information! After discussing this thread at length with the team, it has become clear that trying to run Arc on a library size of 1.25mm tracks is still very much in the tinkering domain, unfortunately.

We simply can’t make guarantees at that scale quite yet. Ideally, the best hardware to try this out on would be a maxed out iphone 14 pro max.

That said, as a next step I would test out re-wiring your core directly to your primary router to see if behavior changes.

Hi @Benjamin - Hooked direct to the router and same. This is kind of what I thought with the library size. At one point this was something I really wanted to have but Tidal does ok when I transit. So will leave it at that for now and will try again once I do splurge to upgrade the phone.

The real thing I would like to have is the ability to connect to my core when in the office or on the road with the laptop. Already put my vote in on the thread for that.

Again thanks for your help!

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