Roon ARC "TIDAL is not logged in" error

RoonARC 1.0 (216) does not work over WiFi or mobile data connection on Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. See 2 errors in the screenshot.

Playing with Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt and DCA Stealth cans while on holidays abroad.
Tidal is logged in on my Roon Core.
Any suggestions to debug?
Both the Tidal app and USB Audio Player PRO work fine.

Hi @seagull,

Thank you for the report. ARC will still validate any Tidal listening sessions directly by pinging their servers, even if the RoonServer machine controls the overall authentication to Tidal.

Your account is tied to the licensing agreements in place with Tidal in your country of residence. Tidal may have reciprocity agreements in place that allow for playback in their own app, but not third-party apps like ARC, while in a different region then your own. So, one possibility here is that georestrictions in place by Tidal servers are blocking its use in a third-party app, depending on the global location of the cellular or network network you’re using on hoildays.

If you don’t mind, what general region are you traveling in, and do you notice any content limitations or restrictions within the Tidal app while you’re there?

Do you have any playback failures when attempting to play local content?

We’ll keep a close eye out for your response. Thank you!

Hi Connor,
I’m currently in France on holidays and I live in Belgium.
I have a vpn connection to my servers at home, but I did not notice that the vpn was active at the time of the error. I’ll look into that.
Thanks for making me aware of the geolocation issue with Tidal.
Kind regards,

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