Roon ARC - Trouble playing tracks from TAG

Hi, I’m having trouble with Roon ARC when I want to play tracks marked with a TAG.

Description of issue:
When I select tracks in ARC and then select a TAG containing songs, Roon ARC responds poorly and after a while an error message appears with “Poor connection - Retry”.

This error message comes when I am connected to the home network and when I am on the go. In some cases, ARC hangs completely. Even when I select a TAG where the songs tagged are downloaded to the phone, this occurs.

This happen with my 2 Samsung phones (A52 and SM-G960).

Browsing and playing songs without selecting from TAG, works great.

Have you tried creating a new tag with just a song or two in it to see if that works?

A song or 2 seems to work fine. The more songs I add to the TAG, the more sluggish the scrolling becomes. Especially initially, and when I swipe down when I’m at the top of the content view.
The error message “Poor connection” comes when there are more than approx. 280 songs in the TAG.
Tested this with my phone connected to the home network

Open a support request and fill in the requested system information.

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