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I have a few dozen downloaded albums in Roon Arc that I like to listen to in the car, even if I leave my Core. I recently moved into a house with a different wifi setup and haven’t gotten the router login info to adjust the port forwarding, so I’ve been relying on Roon Arc offline to listen to music in the car. Recently, when I went for a drive and wanted to listen to my sweet sweet Neil Young albums, I opened Arc and found I was at a login screen, which was displaying “Who is listening today?” but no profile beneath. I couldn’t log in or out and the app froze. This happened for a few days. I finally connected Roon Arc to my Core (which is still not port forwarding, but that’s okay for now), and when I did get into Arc, I found that none of my downloaded albums were available. What happened here?

Thanks for your help!

I had something very similar happen to me a week or two ago. Arc seemed to freeze upon opening and asked me who was listening. Once I managed to get ARC logged back in, I had lost all of my downloads. If I remember correctly, ARC > Settings showed that Roon was essentially using no data on my phone. I figured the issue had to do with the new Single Sign-On (SSO) released in Roon 2.0.20 and ARC 1.0.41, and just moved forward by starting to download albums again.

However, about 20 minutes ago at home on my home Wi-Fi, I was prompted with “Who is listening today?”. At first ARC seemed to be frozen when I tried tapping my email address. It was the only thing that initially appeared. After a couple of seconds of doing nothing, my profile picture appeared with my name (still on the “Who is listening today?” screen) so I tapped it and that logged me in. When I go to Downloads it shows that I have none. However, if I go to Settings it shows that Roon is using 32.3 GB.

As an added note, I was using ARC downloads successfully at work yesterday.
Phone: Pixel 7 Pro

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