Roon ARC Unexpected Playback Error on IBasso DX300 for 96/24 files

So far I am really liking the new functionality offered by ARC. Once you guys get CarPlay working i can finally ditch PLEX: However, I have an issue on my IBasso DX300 DAP. It does not seem to like any file that is originally in 96 Khz 24 bits format. When I try to play such a file it either crashes or just refuses to play giving an “Unexpected Playback Error” in the Roon ARC app. Tried restarting the device and reinstalling ARC, nothing helped, Anyone else noticed similar issues on this player, or Android based devices in general?

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Hi @Koen_De_Crock,

Thank you for the report. We’ll certainly take a look into the issue you’re experiencing.

At your convenience, would you mind clarifying the following:

  1. Does the issue with 96 Khz 24 bits format files also manifest if you play back downloaded files offline? For instance, if you have local files on your Core of this filetype, try downloading them in ARC and playing them back in Airplane mode or otherwise offline.

  2. What’s your connectivity state when you encounter this error? Are you on mobile/cellular, home Wi-Fi, or traveling with unpredictable connectivity? Any context is helpful.

  3. Would you send a screenshot of your preferred format/transcoding settings? This will be in the Settings tab in ARC.

We’ll be watching for your response!

Hi, it also happens on downloaded files. I am on wifi (IBasso DX300 is an android based DAP, and does not have cellular, only WiFi)

Playback settings on the DAP are Automatically Pick Best Quality. Changing this to CD Quality seems to solve the issue, but i do not want this.

PS The app is also quite unstable on this device. It is slow and crashes quite often.

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Hi, how did you install arc on your ibasso 300.
I have the basso dx 320 and downloaded arc.
But I get the message that the app can not be installed on this device. Do you have a tip ?

Unfortunately not. I just went through the play store and could install without any issue on the dx300

I’m also experiencing this. Happy to help however I can.

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I am also experiencing this issue on my ibasso dx240. Initially getting “Unexpected playback error”, after that Arc just crashes when I try to play a track….both on downloaded tracks and direct. Local files and Qobuz. I think it has something to do with the iBassos reporting Android output as 192 and the upsampling done by Arc but am not sure about this…! I hadn’t noticed it was just 96/24 tracks, will check whether this is the case with me too…

Any chance of mods combining this post:

I am also experiencing the same issue: “unexpected playback error” when trying to play 96/24 files.
I am only streaming files from QOBUZ, and other formats (incl. 192/24) work very well - amazind sound btw!!!
I am using an iBasso DX240 as well…
Happy to provide more info.

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In order for Roon Arc to work successfully on devices doesn’t it have to be Roon Ready and Roon Tested and have the Roon streaming technology built in? Has Ibasso gone through this process because I don’t think downloading Arc from the Play Store offer any guarantees that’s it’s going to work without some issues.

Hi, why would this be the case? The idea of Roon ARC is that you can use Roon on the go now, on Smartphones, DAPs, etc… I do not think that Roon has specific smartphones or DAPs listed as Roon tested. Roon ready is a different story, but that has nothing to do with ARC. Roon ready allows you to use your DAP connected to the same network as your core as an audio source, without having to install the Roon app. My A&K SP2000 is for example Roon Ready.

In any case, was hoping that Roon support would have an update here. Alternatively, please let me know which extra info you need to analyse this. I think it has something to do with how the IBasso DAPs upsample audio to 192 kHZ standard.