ROON ARC via Bitdefender Box 2 > not working

Roon Core Machine

Roon Rock Intel NUC 8i5BEH2

Networking Gear & Setup Details

ISP router (WiFi off)
Bitdefender Box 2 (WiFi off)
WiFi over Linksys MESH

Connected Audio Devices

Devialet Pro / Sonos / iOS devices over LAN

Number of Tracks in Library

17000 tracks

Description of Issue


Scenario #1
A - When connecting the ROCK directly to the ISP router, I can have ROON ARC functionality via the mobile network > great!
B - Accessing Roon via iPad via my Linksys WiFi > Bitdefender Box2 > ISP router. Allows me to interact with my library and content, but it does not see the audio devices on my LAN > understandable as it is not in the BitDefender managed zone. Its odd that I can even see ROON at all… Still, not what one would want, obviously.

Scenario #2

  • connecting ROCK to linksys LAN > BitDefender Box 2 > ISP router
    As soon as I plug it behind the Bitdefender Box 2 I lose ARC, but get LAN playback

Reason is obvious: different IP addresses as ISP router and Box 2 run DHPC.

  • turning off DHPC on the ISP router did not resolve anything
  • cannot turn off DHPC on Box 2

I’m at a loss to make both work.

I tried to connect an additional network dongle to ROCK, but the ARC will default to the Box 2 LAN IP address. If only ARC could connect via the ISP LAN while in parallel ROON uses the Box 2 LAN

Anyone has this setup and can help out?

Love the ARC feature. ROON mobile is simply amazing!