Roon arc vs Roon 2.0

For Roon ARC users, is there any point in keeping Roon2.0. I noticed that my mobile devices running Roon 2.0 were not in sync ( different daily mixes) with Roon ARC on my laptop.

Do you mean on your mobile phone?
If so yes it still makes a good remote for playing music around the House to your Roon ready devices. If playing music to the mobile phone in the house then you have choices and both work fine.

Generally my music synchronises over a couple of minutes, but I rarely look at my daily playlists to check.

Generally I use Roon in the house and Arc while away from home.


I guess I just don’t understand the need for two separate programs as opposed to just upgrading Roon 2.0 with ARC features.

Roon Labs has said that Roon ARC was a completely new development built by a small team to address the need for “Roon on the go”. The focus was on providing that capability. ARC is just at the beginning, at version 1.0. It will grow in functionality over time. We will see whether Roon Remote and Roon ARC continue to be separate products, or whether the functionality of the Remote will be assimilated into ARC in the fullness of time.

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