Roon ARC vs Roon Remote with iPhone endpoint

My Roon ARC seems to have EATEN my Roon Remote; remote won’t stop looking for updates and won’t function as a remote anymore, while Roon ARC is happy with all my stuff on my phone now. I.e., I can’t play my beautiful music at home like I could before ONLY on my phone.

It works the same as normal Roon in regards to streaming. It just doesn’t have the Qobuz browsing section you can search and play all your favourites just the same.

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Did you update the remote app?

Roon ARC = Roon With A View? :wink:

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I had to uninstall the Roon Remote and reinstall it. Now it works again.


Roon ARC is a great concept and works great, I love it.


Will you be extending the Roon ARC to Windows 11 so we can use a Surface/Laptop/Computer when we are in a remote location to access our Roon music?

We ask because IMHO most blue tooth DAC connections reduce the fidelity too much.

Thanks Roon!!

Can I use Roon Arc in my car if I don’t have android audio or Apple CarPlay? Can I just connect using Bluetooth from my head unit? And if so how do I do this? Thanks

You can connect an external DAC to your iphone using a camera adapter and a usb cable. Not quite sure what happens with Android phones.

Yes just connect by Bluetooth and it works fine with limited functionality on the screen depending on your vehicle.

Just follow your card instructions for connecting a Bluetooth device. This is a function of your phone and your car not Roon.

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Ok will give it a try , thanks for explanation.

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Brian…seriously? So run run your main home system through your phone? I gotta ask…Why?

Me too Jerry…It’s all good now though…

I think you misunderstood me.

I prefer ARC if the audio is going to pass through the phone.

Meaning, in situations where I would have previously used Roon Remote to play through the phone I now use ARC to play through the phone.

Mowing the lawn with my WorkTunes? ARC.

Working out on a stationary bike with bone conduction headphones? ARC.

And so on.


Got ya now! All I know is ARC sounds better on my Headphones while doing my Daily Dog walk than iTunes for sure. Another great benefit of being a Roonie Lifer…