Roon Arc where is the quality indicator?

Roon Arc 1.0 (150) as well as previous versions. No quality indication on play screen. Only a small dot. Pressing it reveals Lossless quality.

Please advice

The small dot is the quality indicator and pressing it shows the signal path like in your screenshot. Are you saying that the dot does not show a color for you while it’s playing, indicating the quality? It should and does for me though

previously, in the dot place, the quality was displayed there (i.e. stating lossless or high quality). Now its only a dot. Should it be like that from now on?


Hmm, OK. I can’t remember how it was and if it changed, so many new builds (I am in earlyaccess) and I don’t look every time, I know what the quality is after looking once :slight_smile: Sorry, can’t help out there

Thanks anyway.

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Can confirm latest released ARC only shows a dot. @support @vova is this supposed to have changed it’s not in release notes or is it a bug.

Hey @CrystalGipsy - yes, this design change was intended.

@Moshe_Zolotov @CrystalGipsy @noris
It’s back in earlyrelease build 161 :slight_smile:

Hmm inconsistent as ever so it was likely not meant to have been like that or it’s regressed or they decided it sucks and put it back.

As Noris wrote it was intended, my guess is it’s the latter, and it’s better that way :slight_smile:

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Indicator with ‘Lossless’ info or not it’s not a problem. Sometimes when I use ARC with USB-DAC, indicator becomes just greyed, inactive and I can’t get the quality path information by tapping it. Detaching or turning off and on the DAC helps.

Yeah but that’s a different issue. You should probably open a new topic #support for it. (This here is just discussion)