Roon ARC with poor connection issues

Roon Server Machine

MacBook Pro 13", M1, 8GB, 2020
Sonoma 14.0

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Vodafone Station (Cable DSL Router, Wifi disabled)
Gateway eero Pro (Used for Wifi)
There are no VPNs or special security hardware in place

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

After enabling UPnP on my Cable DSL Router, Roon ARC status is displayed as “Ready” but I still can’t connect using the ARC app on my iPhone in cellular mode (wifi is working without issues). I’m receiving Poor Connection error and toast messages after a short while.

I was looking at several similar support topics, but none of the stated fixes worked for me.

I’m attaching a few screenshots for illustration.
Any help or guidance is much appreciated.


Hi @Christian_Meinke1,

Thank you for your post. Usually, a successful port test with a poor connection error indicates that third-party security is interfering with either ARC’s upstream connection to the internet or the phone’s downstream cellular connection.

First, I recommend trying to change the assigned port to a different value, like 56000. See if the port test succeeds or your cellular ARC connection improves.

If you have any QoS, bandwidth throttling, or prioritization rules in the Eero router GUI, I’d verify that the IP address for the machine on which you’ve installed RoonServer is given priority or whitelisted. I would recommend, as a test, that you bypass the Eero entirely and hardware the Mac to the upstream router and then try autoconfiguring.

I’d similarly check that any third-party security software on the Mac itself might not be blocking the port - consumer VPNs and antivirus software are common snags.

Lastly, the Community might be able to assist with the particulars if your ISP or cellular provider implementation is in play. Who is your ISP/cellular provider?


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Hi @connor,

Thanks for your message and guidance.

Today I set up a new server from scratch using a Mac Mini that is now connected directly (ethernet cable) to the router bypassing the eero as you suggested. The Mac Mini is a clean install (Sonoma) with no VPN or additional security features added.

I currently have ethernet and WiFi enabled on the Mac Mini to be able to wake it up remotely (via ssh) and at the same time ensure connectivity to a pair of Kef LS50 W2 and mobile devices (iPhone, iPad).

The eero WiFi is not using any security features or settings that would prioritize or whitelist any IPs or connected devices (should not interfere with the current setup).

I’m still having the same issue, that connecting via the Roon ARC App with active cellular is not working (same behavior as before). WiFi connection is working fine.

My ISP here in Germany is Vodafone.

I hope this helps narrowing down potential issues or solutions to try out.

Thanks again!


Forgot to mention that I tried different ports as well.

Also deactivated the firewall of the cable router and restarted the network to see if this would have any impact. ARC app is still not able to connect with cellular connection.

Running out of ideas. :expressionless:

Solved the poor connectivity issue between server and ARC app by switching to manual port forwarding. :star_struck:

I tried this before, but probably missed to restart the network (cable router) to enable/activate the newly added port forwarding settings.

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