Roon ARC won't behave

Headless Win (11 22H2) based Roon Server.
Asus RT-AX58 router, no UpnP, manual port forwarding

I use several Roon Core-machines when on my home network. I have very few issues when switching between them, and know what to do, what to expect and how to mitigate issues.
However. this extends out to my ARC accessibility, as my only licence needs to be granted to the mentioned Win based Roon Core…

This naturally means i cannot use ARC if i awarded my licence to another Core, and i see the reasons for this. However, i feel the process could be refined and honed into a more fluent one.

So, i start ARC on my phone/tablet and seem to be greeted with the login screen more times than i can explain? Anyways, i log in (and, depending on device and current token status i might need to auth. but not always)

Problem is Roon ARC seem to get stuck after this:

This is not the first time i see this, and often the resolution is to “kill” the app, and restart it…
Not just in this situation, happens in other scenarios when Cores have been switched.

And finally, please investigate the possibility to have Roon ARC be agnostic towards which Core is associated to my account at a given time. Because IF i want to run my Nuclues+ as Core and ARC host. i need to reset ARC on my phone and redownload all my cached music. Damned annoying!

@Mikael_Ollars - I’ve moved your post from the #support:port-forwarding-help category of the forum to the #feedback category because, while the post is valuable and gives a use case scenario that Roon Labs should know about, it is not something that can be dealt with by the Support team.

Roon Labs read all posts in the #feedback category.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Thanks Geoff, you’re correct. This is not something that needs solving, it’s more of a suggestion.

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