Roon Architecture - music streaming (data) path vs. control path

I am about to receive a couple of Raspberry Pis which I intend to use as a Roon Bridge.

I realize that I don’t quite understand the data path vs. signalling/control path of Roon.

The components are: Roon Core, Roon Client and Roon Bridge. But the question is, which of these does the music traverse vs. the control commands.

My best guess: control path goes from Roon Client to Roon Core, whereas the data path goes Roon Core to Roon Bridge to DAC.

So far I have (two) PCs playing the role of Roon Bridge, and they show up as audio devices in Roon. But presumably if I had (two) Raspberry PIs as Roon Bridges, they would show up as audio devices?

This is what makes sense to me, but can someone confirm, please?


That is correct. They show up as Audio devices.

It’s true control goes from Client to Core, and also true data goes from Core to Bridge.
But it gets way more complicated under many different circumstances. A RoonReady device can transmit both. And of course you can play music to a client.
Is there some particular reason you are looking to understand this?

Currently I use 2 PCs as two Roon Bridges to my two RoonReady DACs. I want to switch the Roon Bridges to two Raspberry PIs and free up the PCs.

In the process, I can use shorter, better quality USB cables from Roon Bridge to DAC.


Remember that it’s the software running on the Raspberry Pi that makes it a Roon endpoint (Bridge). Ropieee is likely the easiest to install and use but others also work.

The RPis will also significantly reduce power consumption compared to the PCs.

If your DACs are truly RoonReady, why use the RPi? You should be able to just plug ethernet into them and they show up as RoonReady Audio devices.
My MSB DAC was once Roon Tested and needed a Bridge. But when it became RoonReady with their ethernet input, its ethernet going in. In the process, the DAC had more capabilities.

What are the DACS?

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Now I am feeling stupid. The DACs are OPPO UDP-205.

Yes, those show as being RoonReady alright.
Plug 'em in. You’ll feel better in a hurry. :wink:

It used to be that you could only get MQA via the USB DAC on the OPPO 205. But in the latest/last firmware update, I believe they enabled MQA on Ethernet, WiFi, and CD. I will test it tonight.

And then I might have Raspberry PI’s for sale.


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Okay, that might be a hang up. Either way, you are in a good place.
Good luck!

I think that update also messed up some aspect of DSD? Hmm one of those updates removed the ability of the 205 to get native DSD via Linux. I thought that firmware 0112 could do native DSD via Linux all the way up to DSD512. Not quite remembering; been awhile.

Actually, Music Storage to Roon Core to Roon Bridge to DAC. Just wanted to specify in case someone who does not have their music local to the core reads the thread.

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